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Medical Savings Seminar in Austin June 19

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I will be at Peoples’ Pharmacy Lakeline Monday, June 19 at 7pm talking about how I was able to get back thousands of dollars from my son’s medical expenses. I will also talk about my new year-round program to help those with high healthcare costs reduce their debt.

If you can’t make it to the seminar, but would like details of the program, please email me at

The Smart Family’s Guide to Healthcare Savings is Now Available

cover-front-onlyMy book, “The Smart Family’s Guide to Healthcare Savings”, is now available by clicking here or clicking the picture. This is the fifth revision of the book, updating for the current tax year.

In it, you’ll see how I created a unique method that allowed me to get back thousands of dollars from my son’s autism medical expenses.

Interested in reading the PDF version for free? Enroll in the Smart Guide Healthcare Savings Newsletter to receive the E-Book and other great offers.


Thank you,

Yolanda Baker



A Letter to President-Elect Trump About Obamacare

January 12, 2017


Dear President-Elect Trump,

I am one of countless American special needs families that will be most affected by the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. I respectfully request that you read this letter.

I’ve worked with and corresponded with hundreds of families, in person and online, about reducing their medical expenses. Their needs vary across the spectrum, but they are all concerned about the sky-rocketing costs of healthcare. Some are satisfied with the provisions of the ACA, but most are concerned, especially these last two years of Obamacare.

Here are some of the most common issues that I’ve encountered from special needs families:

  • Deductibles are too high. One family noted in a Texas Special Needs Facebook forum found out the least expensive plan for just their child had a $6,000 deductible.
  • There is fear that the lifetime cap will be eliminated.
  • There is frustration that EIRSA laws do not require state funded plans to follow state mandates.
  • Many wish for a federally funded mandate for autism coverage.

I agree with some of the suggestions Senator Rand Paul has put forth in his replacement of Obamacare:

  • Allow individuals and small companies to “pool” together to have more collective bargaining power for the best coverage.
  • Legalize all forms of insurance, including catastrophic-only insurance.
  • Expand HSA coverage so that there is no annual contribution limit.

Here are some of my suggestions, some of which I mentioned in my last letter to you:

  • Have employers “match” HSA contributions, similar to a 401k plan.
  • Reduce the threshold for medical expense deductions from 10% to 5% (or less) of AGI.
  • Reverse President Obama’s decision to reduce the Flexible Spending Account threshold. Change it from $2,500 per year to an unlimited amount.
  • Allow “unauthorized” treatments such as medical cannabis to be deductible as a medical expense and reimbursable under a cafeteria plan.

Consider these and other sensible ideas. Retain some of the most important provisions of the ACA. I am inspired each day from the incredible special needs families I interact with. My hope is that you will hear our voices and listen.



Yolanda Ruiz-Leon Baker

The Smart Family’s Guide to Healthcare Savings Coming Soon

The Smart Family

Great news! My book on reducing medical expenses, The Smart Family’s Guide to Healthcare Savings, will be available next week on Amazon. Stay tuned.

A Letter to President-Elect Trump from a Special Needs Mom

Dear Sir,

Congratulations. I have a tradition where I send the President-Elect a Christmas card. I started this tradition in 2008, and now I do this again. I sent the card to your wife, because I believe there would be a greater chance of it being read.

My hope is that you will think about my family and other American special needs families during your administration. I am an accountant helping those with their medical expenses. For several years, I have spoken with many families, and their biggest need is the same: how to afford the necessary treatments to help their children.

The overwhelming cost of healthcare is one of the biggest causes of bankruptcy in the United States. About ten years ago, I thought our family would become part of that statistic. However, with my taxation experience and knowledge about health insurance and Health Savings Accounts, I used it as a guide to help deduct many medical expenses.

From that experience, I began consulting families who desperately needed to reduce healthcare costs. I collected their stories and created a book on how to reduce those costs using a unique system I created.


The following are action items to change the Tax Code and cafeteria plan rules to benefit special needs families:

  • Reduce the threshold for medical expense deductions from 10% to 5% (or less) of AGI
  • Reverse President Obama’s decision and reverse the Flexible Spending Account threshold from $2,500 per year back to an unlimited amount. Many special needs families I’ve spoken to have suffered over this change, because they used the FSA for their child’s special school expenses
  • Encourage and spread the word about ABLE Accounts
  • Allow “unauthorized” treatments such as laetrile (Vitamin B17 treatment) and medical cannabis to be deductible as a medical expense and be reimbursable under a cafeteria plan
  • Allow reimbursement of OTC drugs and medical items under a cafeteria plan


This is not an exhaustive list. These bullet points come from the recommendations of many special needs families I have helped over the years. I believe these items will help countless American families and make healthcare more affordable.

My parents taught me to work smart and work hard, and my father instilled in me a never-ending thirst for knowledge. This drives me to search for the answers to questions no one can currently answer about my son’s autism diagnosis and possible treatment options. It encourages me to work hard for my son and others like him. It inspires me to write this at 4am and send this to an early riser like yourself.


Merry Christmas,


Yolanda Ruiz-Leon Baker


Bonus Guidebook with Monthly Membership

black swan smallAre you a special needs parent or someone dealing with large medical bills? If you wish to delve deeper into medical savings, join “The Smart Family Club”, a monthly paid membership that includes

  • Tips on reducing medical costs
  • Newsletter with Q&A, exclusive articles, and other original content
  • A customized medical food database for tax deductions
  • Customized webinars on medical expense tax deductions during tax season
  • Year-round customized webinars on organizing tips for those with large healthcare costs

The monthly subscription is available for $20 per month. Enroll by clicking here.

BONUS PDF GUIDEBOOK: Monthly subscribers will receive “After Obamacare: Recommendations on Finding the Best Health Insurance for your Family”, a guidebook available when the Affordable Care Act is overturned or revised (publication pending as of December 2016).

Please note: If you have subscribed successfully, you will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours. Please contact with any questions. Thank you.

Service Animal Article

Gina Rothfels - Dreamstime Stock Photos

Hello Everyone,

Now available on this website – my article on how the costs of adopting and taking care of service animals can be tax deductible.